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These 2 cameras are entirely different in performance as far as specs are concerned (I can only comment on my 2600MC)
The 2600MC is a high performance low read noise camera and is recommended to be pushed towards full well which results in the highest dynamic range at the expense of only a small increase in read noise
Iíve used my 2600MC at both lowest read noise and highest dynamic range (Ascom) under Bortle 8 (Duoband filtered and unfiltered) and Bortle 3 skies with short and long subs
To be honest my best images have been using Highest Dynamic Range ( Gain 0 offset 50 ) with short ( 60 to 90 sec subs ) and long subs ( 180sec to 300 sec ) at both imaging locations
ZWO recommend to use HDR ( gain 0 ) in both light polluted and dark skies and as far as Iím concerned they are spot on !!!
PS: I run my camera at - 12C in the summer months ( maxed out ) and -15C during winter months ( I can go lower but donít really need to) At both these temperatures, dark current is extremely low and almost negligible
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