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OK thanks mate, think I'd better just try unfiltered for awhile until I can get the oag on the front of the reducer, then I can screw a t adapter on the front of the oag, and push it in the draw tube.

Good excuse to see how long an exposure I can manage in Bortle 5 without light pollution blowing everything out. When i started 6 months ago, I was doing 30s subs unfiltered. Been using the UHCS exclusively for about 4 months, so it will be nice to have proper star colours again at least.

Originally Posted by The_bluester View Post
If it is anything like the M48 filter I use then no, they are often designed so you could stack filters but my ZWO M48 filter has about 1mm of female thread before you hit the lock ring, when I first tried it out I had my OAG and camera hanging off it but it was a tense sort of night hanging a kilo or more of 1 turn of thread. Once I was sure it was going to work I had the adapter that fits my reducer to the focuser drawtube remachined to put the filter in front of the reducer inside the drawtube.
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