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Takahashi FS-152SV f8 Refractor considerations/evaluation

Hello Astros
I have been considering a set-up, possibly a team-build, with a primary emphasis on, but not limited to, solar-planet observation, and employing a good-quality CCD camera, rather than direct eye-piece observation, but not with the specific goal of astrophotography (confused? I am.)
The hope was to eventually build a permanently erected telescope/observatory, rather than aim for a portable set-up. One that can be run remotely, assuming someone present to facilitate this.

I have been considering this scope:
I am aware that chromatic aberration is an issue with doublet-optics, which is emphasized whilst employing a CCD camera.

Please tell, has anyone had experience with the Tak FS-152SV (or similar)? Are there any specific things I should look out for, or questions I should ask the owner? Unfortunately he is located in Perth, whilst I am in Sydney, so direct inspection is not possible (he may not agree to ship). Is there any opinion on the value of the scope, in the current market?

Kind regards, Gary
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