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Not doable without modification with this scope. The compression fitting adapter that screws into the drawtube is too deep and with the correct spacing between reducer and sensor it won't come to focus. Basically the reducer has to be up within a couple of mm of the end of the drawtube and the supplied compression fitting is about 12mm long.

I modified mine to reduce that spacing but to be honest I would recommend using a threaded adapter like I have had made (Or just buy the Skywatcher one that is now available) as the compression fitting and nose had no end of tilt issues, every time you took the reducer out and re fitted it the tilt was different.

I hate sensor tilt issues! I am going to be spending some money soon to buy a different OAG to make it threaded fittings from end to end as the camera side fitting of the Orion thin OAG I am using now is just not rigid enough, if you tweak the camera body up and down you can see the movement in it, that is my last "where is it coming from now" tilt issue.
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