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Skywatcher BD ED100 + MOTORISED Moonlite focuser + Reducer + Accessories

Hello all,

Selling a bundle perfect for anyone looking for a beginner-intermediate astrophotography/visual setup!

Main Items:
Skywatcher Black Diamond ED100 (F9) OTA
Moonlite CF model 2" format focuser *WITH DC MOTOR AND HAND CONTROL*
Skywatcher ED100 0.85 x Reducer/Corrector (reduces to F7.7)

Additional accessories:
Skywatcher Branded Hardened carry case for OTA and some accessories
Tube ring for OTA
Original factory supplied finderscope
Original factory supplied focuser
Original factory supplied diagonal
Bintel 6mm and 20mm fully Muti-coated eyepieces
DSUSB Shoestring USB shutter control for DSLR
4" Dew Heater strap suited for OTA
3 X Moonlite focuser adapters (2", 1.25", and one for SW 0.85x reducer/corrector)
Two 48mm DSLR rings (to fit Canon and Nikon DSLRs) suitable to attach to reducer/corrector.

Notes: There are some minor scratches on the OTA from the tube ring, only cosmetic, the optics are in great condition.

Just add a camera and mount and you'll be all set!
Not willing to split bundle as of yet.
Willing to sell entire bundle for $1,100
Not willing to ship but happy to deliver free of cost anywhere within ~2h of Melbourne
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