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Hi Wendo,
Welcome to IceInSpace

You are
completely new to all of this and am about to get a Williams FLT98 HEQ5 Pro, Williams zenith star 70 SW AZ4 Mount
and you have a 14 inch Skywatcher Collapsible GoTo Dobsonian.

That is a strange combination of statements.

But ... YES.
I have the instructions to adjust the Skywatcher Dob clutches (alt and Az).

However, it is too big to post on this forum (file size restrictions).

So PM me with you email address and I will send the file to you.

But NOTE: this is not a skywatcher document, may invalidate any warranty, and all work is carried out at your own risk.

However, I have done the adjustment on two different SW Dobs, and they work.

Offer open to anyone else who wants the file too of course.

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