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Originally Posted by janoskiss View Post
I stumbled on this youtube channel by Forrest Tanaka and he has some excellent videos on astrophotography for beginners (and some cool stuff for not so beginners):

He speaks exceptionally well and explains things very clearly, in great detail, but without wasting any time. I am so extremely impressed by his well produced presentations that I felt compelled to at least mention it on IIS. And he's not selling anything (as far as I can tell): just sharing what he loves.

I realise this channel has been mentioned a few times on IIS in older posts, but they have mostly been ignored and long forgotten. For beginners especially, it's well worth investing the time to watch Tanaka's astrophotography videos.

His main focus is deep sky though, so if you're interested in planetary photography you will need to also look elsewhere.
These definitely helped me when I was starting! These are my go to videos to send to new starters, really handy resources
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