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TUCSEN camera group purchase 1.1

Group purchase of tucsen cameras

*** 5 persons committed already ***

I am looking for participants in:


The offer on the table is:
Tucsen TCC6.1ICC color CCD camera for less than AUD1000. ...
At this price we don't have to pay GST nor cost of imposing GST
on goods purchased via internet which is bonus on the top of
the manufacture's discount.

The catch is that we have to form a group of 10.

The price is a hefty 60% less than
the price offered on the internet.
It also means that it will have a good re-sale value
if you want to sell it in the future.

The camera is based on one of the most successfull CCD sensors
ever used in amateur astrophotography.
The size of the sensor - the most limiting factor in small cameras
is good. It similar to that of standard DSLR and so is the resolution.
Unlike DSLR is offers no red colour discrimination filter,
cooling, 12v power supply, controlling software with
integration capture, focusing help and sofware development kit.
It is a bit more than a "first-step camera".

Tucsen is quite a large manufacturer - mostly
involved in research grade cameras for microscopes.
It comapares and competes well with Zeiss.
It is an ISO9001 certified company (international certifiate
of quality of whole technological process incl testing and
distribution meant to be "peace of mind" certificate)
with a number of other accolites to its name.

Tucsen cameras have 2 years warranty.

Look for their and similar products on ebay
to judge for yourself how generous this offer is.

As our dollar is plunging I would assume
that it is opportunity to kick-start
your astrophography which is not likely to be repeated soon.

More information in the attached file
Go Ozzie! Go!

BTW: Please feel free to distribute...

With regards,

Krzysztof Wozniak, Perth
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