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You will get many differing points of view but one thing to keep in mind - newtonians are the most cost effective aperture you can buy. I have tried imaging with both refractors and newtonians and generally the newt wins every time on light gathering (which means shorter exposures) and true colour rendition ( whih only the most expensive refractors can deliver. You need to consider your budget but buy a good mount that is imaging capable ( a goto Equatorial for xample). Don't try to overload the mount, generally you don't want more than 2/3s of the capacity on the mount for imaging. You can probably find a second hand HEQ5 or NEQ6, but again think about what you can afford. As to the scope, there are 8" imaging newtonians of good quality that you can pick up new for around $500 - that might be a good size to start with.

Good luck and be ready for many other opinions.
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