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The Eyes Have it All?

Greetings to fellow forum first post here.

I am a specialist in organizing science and astronomy outreach programs. I frequently conduct sessions under the stars using a comprehensive suite of telescopes and imaging systems.
Recently i have discovered that my 50ish eyesight has been adversely affecting my ability to focus the eyepieces i use for my astronomy sessions. Previously this was never a problem but now I have this constant nagging concern about finding best focus for my participants....... To add to my woe i have tried to encourage the participants, most of whom have never used a telescope in their lives, to focus for their own best perception. This has often ended in strange results and wildly out of focus images.
I am curious to know if there are any solutions out there for a person in my predicament. One thing i have found is that taking pics with my smart phone using eyepiece projection has helped with lunar observations. But for planets its no good to me at all. ALso i have noticed that the effect seems to be less with higher powered eyepieces.
Input and suggestions appreciated.
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