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ZWO ASI120MC-S and Coronado/Meade PST

I am looking into using the ZWO ASI120MC-S with my existing Coronado PST (using Skywatcher HEQ5 mount). This imager is attractive because I'm just getting started with imaging and is also good for other (night time) Solar System targets using my 6" Newt (Bintel GSO)

However, based on my research, I've found there are some caveats using the ASI120 with a PST:
  1. Attaining focus - it seems focus happens "too deep" in the eyepiece tube
  2. Newton rings - some images have those ring effects

I believe the focus issue can be solved with a Barlow (or part of a Barlow?). Machining my PST is not an option.

For the Newton rings apparently you can tilt the camera slightly to deal with this.

What are people's experience with the ASI120 + PST combo lately? Is it workable?
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