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Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
Does anyone know of a formal organisation that I can report this "mystery" object to, in order to better establish its nature?
Hi Dennis,

Assume for one moment it might be a PN candidate.

There is a web site run by French enthusiasts at

It is predominantly in French (Google translate is your friend).

Their checklist before reporting is here :-

The web site describes itself as follows :-
Originally Posted by
To improve the communication around the lists of discoveries of planetary nebulae candidates made by amateur astronomers and to make them more accessible, with Thomas Petit we have built a website which gathers all the information related to the objects identified :
This site is rich in documentations, images, spectra ... It provides many useful links.
It is possible to contribute to its actuality by making spectra of these objects to try to determine their true nature.
The Planetary Site makes it possible to quickly find the coordinates of a candidate and to rule on the need for additional data (images, spectra ...).
The lists are regularly updated and transmitted to the Astronomical Data Center of Strasbourg to be migrated to VizieR. They are also transmitted to the University of Hong Kong with their data, for the HASH PN database.
An English version of the site is planned
Now I have seem these guys periodically publish lists of new candidate
PN discovered by amateurs that make it to the professional VizerR archive
at the Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center.

One contact there and a regular contributor of lists of new PN candidates
discovered by French astronomers is Pascal Le Du whose public email address is ledu(at)

That is where I would start. Some of these guys are doing follow-up
spectroscopic observations and might be able to hook you up with someone
in the southern hemisphere.

Alternatively you could try reaching out to Prof. Quentin A. Parker now at the Department
of Physics at the University of Hong Kong, previously at Macquarie University
and the AAO.

Speculating for one moment it might be a new PN, he might be able to
suggest someone still active in PN surveys for a follow-up, such as a Ha

Quentin had been behind the big Macquarie Uni H-alpha PN survey years ago and
he and David Frew discovered bucket loads of them.

His email appears on this page in obfuscated form :-

His profile page :-

David Frew might also now happen to be at the University of
Hong Kong as well :-

When Andrew Murrell discovered Murrell 1 (mu 1) they happened to be
active in that survey at the time and Andrew happened to know David Frew
and David did a follow-up observation (for some reason I think it might have
been from an observatory in South Africa??) but even that took years. They are busy guys.

As a side note I happened to be sitting across the other side of the kitchen table from
Andrew at the hut in Mount Kaputar when he first discovered what was to become Murrell 1.
He was looking at DSS plates on a stack of DVD's on his laptop and when he made the discovery
he simply said "Hmmm", which caused me to look up, and then he said nothing else.
On the way back home from that observing trip we were refuelling the vehicles and inside
the petrol station whislt we were paying he simply said, "I may have discovered something".
Brian Skiff confirmed it was unreported.
So it is like at star parties. People sitting either side of me usually win something at the prize
giveaways. Hang around with me and you might discover a new PN.

I would start with the page
Really interested to hear how you get on! Good luck and here's hoping
you have found a new PN

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