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Levelling a camera for landscapes

Inspired by some of the great shots I've seen on this site I ventured down to the beach at 4.30 the other morning to get some dawn shots. I particularly wanted long exposures - on a tripod of course - so the surf is smoothed out. Being my first attempt I naturally had some problems.

One problem I have is getting the camera level so the horizon line is flat. I'm normally OK at judging but in low light and kneeling in wet sand I found it very difficult to get right. Since I won't be getting a camera with a built-in level for some time I have been looking at add-on levels. My concern is how effective they are. Experience shows that even an error of 1 degree is visible and I'm wondering whether you can get this precision from these units. I've seen nice little cubes with three bubble levels, one each for x, y znd z planes. There are also electronic units that only work on the left/right horizontal axis (the most important axis) but that beep when you are right.

Has anyone used any of these units and how useful did you find them?
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