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This subject has been covered on the QH8 site I would have attached a pdf writen by on of the users on how to work out the offset for your camera and gain setting, but the PDF is too big. The procedure is easy to follow..
For those using Maxdl
1 Get your camera to working temp.
2 Set your gain say 50 and offset 125
3 Keep yout telescope covered.
4 Take a Bias frame.
5 Have a look at the hist it should be a nice bell curve with the max some where between 400 and 1000. Change your offset by 5 up or down to get this. you need to see a hint of grey in your image, ie not black.
What you are trying to do is set your black offset so that any signal your recieve is dispalyed. If you don't set this correctly then it is no big deal it just may mean you have to expose for longer. hope this helps.
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