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Originally Posted by Cliff View Post
Thanks Ken,

Leaning to the 9.25 also,
Would a standard or edge be the go quite a cost difference, I know the edge is supposed to have a flatter field I use mainly cropped sensors APSC and largest Astro camera is a QHY163C 4/3" .

Mainly interested in planets and galaxies with the SCT. Visual and Astrophoto..

I think my 2" Moonlight focuser I have on my 6" will fit the 9.25" not sure on the 11"

A 11" on a NEQ6 seems a bit much ?

If all you are interested in is planetary and (small) galaxies, then the Edge is not required. If you are looking for larger nebulae then it might be worth it (although I cannot speak with any experience on that front).

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