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On your ASA it would give 1.4 arc seconds per pixel which is quite good on the NP101 it would be 3.2 arc sec. That is undersampled but that does not seem to matter much with FSQ type scopes. You can drizzle to get round small stars if you start getting square stars. I have never had a problem with 9 micron cameras and FSQs.

I think this sensor is interesting although not many are using it. Not sure why. Its hard to find samples.

Alan Chen uses a Starlight Express H36 and has a few images using it. I asked him about it and he said he liked it although had not used it a lot.

The Cedic images though are quite revealing as they use lots of high end gear and Cameras and the 16070 images stood out to me as did the 16803 images. They seemed the best.

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