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I have been thinking about this chip as well. Have a look at the Cedic images from Chile. They have several taken with a FLI Proline 16070 camera.

I got so I could spot which image was taken using it. They seemed to be brighter and with better transparency than the others.

On the other hand their KAI29050 images (a sensor I was considering in the past) were weak, washed out and not impressive. Lacked solidity and saturation in the images.

I did see a Cloudy Nights thread suggesting there were issues with the KAI16070 with regards to banding. I saw no evidence of that in the Cedic images.

It seems like a modern update to the KAI11002 chip having nearly 50% more pixels in the same sized sensor and better QE. 7.4 micron pixels and full frame size should suit a lot of telescopes from wide field to long focal length.

Its on my radar. I can't say I "need" it though.

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