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EQMOD Goes !

Kinda pleased with myself. Haven't been having much luck with computers and stuff lately, nothing seems to work as it should. PHD fails to guide and a while ago I also partially broke my Hand Controller so have half a screen to navigate with. ( Also the clouds have NOT been very cooperative ).

So decided to try and get computer control going although I have been confused with the variations, options, terminology and mixed advice I have been reading while trying to understand it all.

Built a 'new' computer, loaded CDC, ASCOM and EQMOD sw. I used the PC Direct connection through the hand piece because I had one I made for Firmware upgrades. Kept all the connections short, no hubs involved and bingo, it worked first time.

Just did some Solar imaging (BIG sunspot + friends !! ) and the sky is looking possible tonight ( fingers crossed ) so a new 'toy' to play with.
Hopefully the ASI120 will autoguide through FireCapture and PHD will become a thing of the past.

It's been AGES since the weather and the technology actually all worked at the same time.
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