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Josh, using 75mm back focus I had issues with focusing on stars then it got very late so I packed up and tested it out yesterday afternoon.
With my Celestron 9.25 I can focus no problem on a house around 1km away and also focus perfectly well on a star by adjusting the focus. With my SkyWatcher I can't achieve focus on a star or the property 1km away using the recommended 75mm
Logic tells me that I should be able to focus on something 1km away and also a star without having to adjust the back focus as per my 9.25 which has a lot higher magnification than the SkyWatcher.
Of course I intend to get as close to the recommended 75mm as I can but sods law its been cloudy since. I just wondered if anyone on here had the same combination as me and wondered if they would give me advice...
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