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Originally Posted by mandragara View Post
To my eyes things look slightly, and I mean slightly, better through my Baader Neodymium filter than unfiltered from a Bortle 6 area. We are talking maybe a 5-10% relative enhancement though.

My Astronomik O-III on the other hand is really a stellar filter for me. With my 30mm 82deg eyepiece is produces some killer views of Carina etc.
Hi Richard & Hans,

Here is a comparison I did a few years back in Bortle 6 Brighton (SQM =19.14 & 2370 Ácd/m^2) of a couple of similar broadband didmyium type photographic filters (Hoya Intensifier V Marumi redhancer V no filter) with nearby (@ ~10-20m) multiple High Pressure Sodium Lamps. Both filters showed an improvement- The Marumi Redhancer more so. See ....

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