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Originally Posted by GUS.K View Post
Thanks Les and Ron. Les, I did read your observation notes to get an idea on what to expect, as there is little detailed amateur observations or any finder charts available.
Ron, I did read Alan Wade's observation report from the SDM event as well, but he only described observations with his 32 inch. Looking forward to your observing report when you try for it again.
Also, does anyone know the magnitude of the SNR and the two stars flanking it.
Welcome to an exclusively small but growing club Gus. Yes, with the prompting from AstroRon and a prepinted maps from Ron's PDF's which were similar to yours , I had the opportunity to track this elusively small denizen down whilst attending the First SDM Star party Near Coonabarabran .Bortle skies helped considerably with the Siding Springs Dome distantly seen in the day time.Myself the Mike Lockwood found it using Alan Wades 32" monster Dob. The Honeycombe Nebula another SuperNova remnant was difficult also but once identified was the last way point to Sn1987A. I then when and did the same through my 20" f5 SDM pimped "Zamar". Cheers and laughter was found emanating from my mouth....uncontrollably .I was pumped to say the least!
I also found that there is a limit to what magnification one can apply and settled on a similar spec to yourself.
Now off to view the Crab Nebula Pulsar
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