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Actually, the Sphinx won't bring much if it is an SXW or SXD. If it is an SXD2 or SXP, then yes, it's worth some money. The SXW and SXD are $1200 TOPS mounts, although they are VERY VERY good and highly under-rated (much better than the Chinese mounts like the HEQ5 etc).

The VMC260L is a bit of a conundrum. $4600 new in today's market (depending on focuser). Certainly a better scope than the GSO RC's of similar size, and streets ahead of Meade and/or Celestron SCT's, but it is a large instrument (not really a good choice for a Sphinx mount either as it is VERY close to the weight limits, but I digress) and is finicky in many respects (though less so than a typical RC). At f/11, it is slow, but good for galaxy imaging.

So, basing off the mount and scope alone, I wouldn't accept less than $3500 for the lot seeing they are second hand (hopefully in good condition, and are second hand, not third or fourth hand). Mirror condition comes into play mostly here, as these are NOT simple to have resilvered (basically need to be resilvered at factory).

A difficult setup to resell. I don't envy your position.
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