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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
Got up and close with the RC 12" a few weeks back.... (promo shot attached...what a's on a really nice mount )

Nicely finished, but I have no idea on the optical quality.

The first thing I tried was the focuser. With just a few pounds of pressure it easily deflected 2-3 mm...hence large format camera owners (STX, STXL, Proline, Apogee) would be entering a world of hurt if they kept the native focuser in place.

Others have suggested adding Atlas focusers etc. I quickly tallied up what the suggest "upgrades" might wouldn't get much change from $5000....

Franky I don't get the logic.

I'd need to see the Top Gear lap first I wouldn't buy a car thinking, well, gee, if I change the engine and suspension it could be really good....

Yet if I get the Ferrari 458 while it won't be cheap, I know it will perform brilliantly. Caveat emptor!

2 - 3mm.
That's ridiculous - why sell a focuser that is not fit
for the purpose for which it's intended?
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