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Battery Charged? or NOT?

A simple thing...

OK so you are just about to set out on your night of adventure and quickly grab your gear, making sure you double check everything so you don't forget something. Here is my trick to alleviate one issue; to know which of my batteries is charged or uncharged......

So you ask yourself: Which one of these batteries is charged?????
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Who knows? So you start installing them in your camera to assess their state of charge and realise that you have too many that are flat or close to it and that you need to spend an hour or two charging. There's another way.... After a session if a battery is significantly depleted, say around 50% or below, I like to take it out of the camera rather than trying to wring every last drop (milliVolt) out of it, and potentially risk having a flat battery in the field*. Instead I take it out of the camera, CHARGE IT and MARK IT, by wrapping an ELASTIC BAND around it, to show that's it's charged and ready for use on my next outing- see below.
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Even when I do this, before I venture out for a session I will still always (at home) put the first fresh battery in to the camera, turn it on and look at the battery level meter. I will then take a plethora of others with me which I know, given that they're charged, should be at 100%ish

Happy shootin'


*I understand that charging a not completely flat battery may use up some of the battery charge cycle life, but I am willing to pay that in exchange for readiness to roll and start with a 100% charged battery. Of course, as they say .... YMMV

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