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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
I've had a few calls recently for robotic observatory systems, but the client's budgets have been limited.

The (virtually non-negotiable) use of a PMEII or AP1600 makes their budget even tighter, so I'm looking for off-the-shelf optics in the 0.5 metre aperture class that won't cause any grief.

Institutions simply don't have the staff that can "tinker".

The product has to work out of the box...hence my search.
Well, all it needs is collimation and a focuser, shroud and a dew heater installed. Not that much tinkering. The scopes are now mature. All the large scopes have good mirror cells, sensor centering adjustment rings, plenty of back focus, good baffling, but you will need to find a good flattener that does not cost the earth. That is the only catch. Still searching myself. I think TS have one but it might mean not using my AOX (89mm+ or - 2mm). It they are using a small sensor, then there is no issue as the correct field covers easily.
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