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Originally Posted by leon View Post
Yea me to Dennis, but mine is a set of numbers not a word at all, it that what it is supposed to be, i have it set in my mobile phone as a contact number and if i forget it just look it up, under contacts IIS

Okay Leon, that’s good, very good indeed, but I reckon I can go one better….

My passwords are generally 26 characters long, comprising letters, numbers, upper case, lower case, special characters, invisible ink and feather weight keystrokes.

I then take that password and jumble it through an Enigma machine as an XOR operation with a constant value k, of each byte of plaintext b, to produce a Cipher value c, before encrypting the output using an Advanced Encryption Standard 256 bit algorithm. After that, I read it in a mirror, backwards, and miss every 2nd character substituting for those with a letter from an ancient alphabet which has not yet been discovered or translated.

Finally, I write it on a piece of paper, commit it to memory then swallow the paper.


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