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Reflecting on Refracting

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Hi Kevin,
Heres my 2 bobs worth...get rid of the 10" and get an EQ6 ,maybe go for one with the syntrek control( non goto )and use something like Sky Safari on an ipod/ipad to find your way around the night sky. As for scopes a 4 or 5" ED refractor instead of 8" reflector??
I do have the HEQ5pro and since getting a manual/motor drive EQ5 mount, I don't use the HEQ5 much anymore. The non goto version is simple, plonk it down roughly facing to the SCP and off I go, no frustrating hand control telling me I've failed in alignment 101. I work lots of evenings getting home round midnight ( like tonight) and don't want to go through the alignment's bad enough setting up at that time of night. The EQ6 will take just about any scope you want to put on it later and it comes apart to move around if it's too heavy in one piece. You can always add goto via laptop later on too...Hope I haven't rambled on too much, think I should really get a dob as I'm not into imaging.
All the best deciding, Matt
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