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I asked the saw question on the DSS forum 4 days ago

Here ya go

Advice straight from David C Partridge the support developer from DSS -

Stacking Multiple Nights Data in DSS

1/ Camera not removed over multiple nights
( same orientation, temperature and focus )

Load frames from multiple nights Lights , Darks, Flats, Dark Flats and Bias into Main Group then Check All
Register as normal and then Stack

2/ Camera removed after 1st night and re installed 2nd night and so on....( same temperature and re focused )
Must take new Flats and Dark Flats
Darks and Bias can be reused

Load all Darks ( Darks or Bias ) from multiple nights into Main Group and Check All
Load a single Light frame from night 1 into Main Group , right click and mark it as a “Reference Frame”
Leave this frame unchecked
Now load all your Lights , Flats and or Dark Flats from night 1 into Group 1 tab and Check All ( no reference frame required)
Then load all your Lights , Flats and or Dark Flats from night 2 into Group 2 tab
Register as normal and Stack

DSS will create and save a final calibrated Stacked image file ( FTS ) plus Master Dark , MasterFlat , Master Dark Flat and Master Bias files in appropriate file folder locations

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