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Originally Posted by alpal View Post
Hi Colin,
I've never heard of seeing that good in Melbourne.
I think the best I ever measured from any single frame
was 2.8 arc seconds FWHM in Ha.

I have never measured a final stack - only individual frames.
Are you sure you had the correct information loaded
into Maxim DL or whatever you were using to make the measurement?
On some nights the seeing was as bad as 6 arc seconds FWHM.

The best seeing I've ever heard of in Melbourne
before tonight was at Mt Macedon -
close to Melbourne -
FWHM of 2.2 arc seconds.

Iím just over the next range (Cobaw Range) from Mt Macedon (approx 15km) and can confirm we get some cracking seeing here. 2.2 wouldnít be deemed the best setting we get, definitely gets better than that..... although as others have said, some nights itís best to stay inside.
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