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Originally Posted by Andy01 View Post
For what my 2c is worth, I had an RC8 (FL 1500mm) and it was challenging to collimate, and fairly slow at f8. Paul (Discoduck) on the other hand gets consistently spectacular images from dark sites with his finely tuned RC8.
Very kind words, Andy. Just a note that I use a focal reducer on my RC8, so run it at 1200mm (f6). At that focal length, my camera gives me 0.65" per pixel. I'd suggest you want to ideally get at least 2 * sqrt(2) pixels across your seeing distance. So 2" of seeing would need 0.7".

The RC8 was a serious challenge to collimate. I used a combination of a few techniques, but none of them I think guaranteed to converge! So some luck involved still!

Originally Posted by Emuhead View Post
Andy I checked out both of the astrophotographers noted and their work is very impressive indeed. I don't think I'll have the patience that Discoduck has though (50hrs), and I'm not game like Kosborne to go a 10" mirror on an eq6r pro, at least not yet while im still playing nice with the mount.
Re the patience, LOL yeah that is needed for that. But that is for imaging from the suburbs - for which I need at least 5x more subs in my light polluted skies. From dark sky sites, 10-15 hours or so on an image seems to provide a good set of data - depending on the object of course.
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