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Well Rob, Regulation of the temperature is extremmly important when using the Kodak chips.
Why so ?, well, that image you see that i have linked has a specific pattern. The pattern changes with temperature, and shows less and less as you decrease temperature. So the noise is sort of producable again by apllying the same temperature, you can again show basically the exact same noise pattern. So if you image with a temp of say 5 minutes, then not only would you have imaged the sky for 5 minutes, but also the noise generated by 5 minutes. So by taking another exposure for the same time at the same temperature, you could remove this noise away from your image. So what is left is just your exposre more or less..

Because the noise pattern is really not evidant, and cant really see it unless you do extreme detail work, you wouldnt need to take dark frames.

Oh yeah, there have been some bananas, and you know who you guys are !!, have been removing the sealing filter/nosepiece while power is applied to the camera, and of course the camera dews up in a micro second.. When i asked why they did that, they mostly said, to clean the "DUST" !!. Gees.

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