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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
Getting back to the point of my post.... I am curious to know if any other
IIS'ers have contracted COVID.

Were you vaccinated? How were YOUR symptoms? (i.e. hard to really know how Aunty Doris felt
when she came down it)

I'm on ignore obviously

As I said, yes, twice - first time pre-vaxx early 2021 - NIL symptoms apart from a very mild headache (never get headaches, so I noticed this)

Second time more noticeable (post-double jab - Nov '21), with dry cough, nasal congestion and diarrhea. Lasted 5 days - last 2 days barely noticeable symptoms. Symptom onset was rapid, and symptom decline was just as rapid. Didn't even warrant concern in the least - was just keen to get back to work! I've had worse allergic reactions.

Post-infection residuals - NIL.
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