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Originally Posted by RickS View Post
Have you read this article, Ray?
Originally Posted by Poita View Post
I haven't used it much, but when I had a CGEM it was a massive improvement in image quality on that mount.

I think AO works like a champion with a big scope and an imperfect mount. I bought it more to fix tracking errors than for seeing issues.
Yes thanks Rick - Peter Ward pointed it out. It's worth a (very careful) read. Nice to see tech stuff peeking through the clouds of marketing hype. The main thing I took from it was that SBIG are aware that the currrent method of guiding on a single off axis star is not too good - hence their apparent intention to move to multiple stars, which will overcome the problem of noise injection into the guide channel.

Hi Peter. I agree that mount correction is where these things shine, not seeing correction, which is how they have been sold. Maybe there is a marketing problem - ie how do you sell something that fixes mount problems to people who believe that their mounts are perfect?

regards Ray

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