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Originally Posted by alistairsam View Post
Thanks for the replies.

Do you see any patterns with flats in nb filters in 11Mp mode? is there a discernible difference with the high qe? what scope do you use it with.

From memory (haven't used it for a while) flats looked normal. Because the scope illuminates a large field I don't recall much vignetting at all on the sensor.

AP Honders 305 F3.8.

I'll be using it again soon and i can dig out some flats which are on another computer.

I'll post an example tomorrow.

The main thing is accurately matching the darks to the exposure duration, temp, gain and offset settings.

It does have amp glow. A bit worse than an ASI183m. It does dark subtract out pretty cleanly but not absolutely perfectly.

Its very sensitive. I have not used it in 47mp mode but did take a test exposure. It would suit a shorter focal length refractor to use it in
47mp mode (2.3 micron like the ASI183m) which is even higher resolution than the ASI2600/6200 which has 3.76 micron pixels.

I like the 4.63 micron 11mp mode pixels as that suits my scopes better than 2.3 which makes them more susceptible to the poor seeing.

Small pixels are more effect of the seeing than larger pixels.

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