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Originally Posted by RugbyRene View Post
l go through a checklist to ensure I don’t miss anything which is why my suspicion lies with the camera.
OK then: test it as discussed without filter in daylight at varying light levels from low-light upwards on terrestrial targets and look for any obvious colour cast in images versus what you observe un-aided via naked eye, via binoculars or via the eyepiece . This may or may not show a colour cast difference and therefore help point you towards a conclusion on whether there is a camera issue

Possible camera issues aside: your most recent exposures are 50% longer in duration (180 Vs 120s), perhaps the stacking or other stretching/processing is sensitive to that. I can imagine it might be as the signal to noise ratio, all else being equal, would be greater in the longer exposure. Maybe you should also do a back to back comparison on the same night of say 60s Vs 120s Vs 180s Vs 240s exposures and see if there is any change in the colour cast experienced either before or after any processing with varying exposure duration. Good luck.

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