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Originally Posted by JA View Post
Hi Rene,

There are a few possibilities to try to nail down, but before making any conclusion I would use the camera in daytime to image or video a terrestrial object as close as possible to you, within the confines of your scope (to avoid UV haze effects with distant objects). Do this without the light pollution filter fitted AND THEN compare this to what you can see by naked eye or through binoculars.

That would help nail down if the colour cast is in the camera or somehow occurring via software or other changes you were not aware of at the time of image capture. A couple of other thoughts: Are you 100% certain you used the same filter for both images? Did you perhaps also use an additional UV/IR filter on one image but not the other?


Nothing has changed on the software side and I only own 1 filter which hasnít left my rig since I bought it.

I go through a checklist to ensure I donít miss anything which is why my suspicion lies with the camera.
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