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Originally Posted by Granada View Post
Last night I tried out my TeleVue 31mm Type 5, 2" eyepiece with a Newtonian (150mm aperture, 750mm focal length), and I just couldn't get the images focused. Wondering if the two are not meant to be used together, or perhaps I'm using them incorrectly?
Heres a good article on what can or may cause this.

Some people actually resort to doing this , (though not recommended unless you have some skills)!
Viz: Moving the primary mirror up in its cell, the focal plane will stick out of the Eyepiece holder then.

This is a way to gain back focus . Additional spacers in the mirror cell, to bring it up closer to the focuser can do it too ! Though you would need to check your collimation again...and it could cause clipping as the secondary is no longer fully illuminated.

Or just get a lower profile focuser if backfocus is the issue here

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