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The 31mm Nagler effective field stop is 0.38" (9.65mm) above the reference line (base of eyepiece at top of barrel, see diagram on Tele Vue site). Refer column F. (F = -0.38 for 31mm Nagler).

Do you have any other Tele Vue eyepieces? If you have say the 17mm Nagler (F=-0.03) then you would have to rack in -0.03 - -0.38 = +0.35 or 8.89mm from where that eyepiece focusses. If you use a 1.25" eyepiece to compare with you also need to take into account the thickness of the 2"-1.25" adaptor you are using.

Find your focal plane by placing a sheet of paper over the 2" opening (no 2"-1.25 adaptor in place and no eyepiece) and focus on the Moon, (try tomorrow morning pre dawn, look at Mars/Jupiter too!). The 31mm Nagler needs to be racked in 0.38" from this position. If you don't have this distance available to you you need a lower profile focusser or you could try and loosen the collimation screws all the way and then recollimate; you may just have the 0.38" available.

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