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8" f/5 (1000mm) reflector OTA + accessories

About 3-4 years old but has barely been used. I got really into AP for about two years in 2016-17, upgraded my rig, then life got in the way and it all fell by the wayside so it's been in storage for 98% of its life. Been used maybe half a dozen nights.

Both mirrors are perfect; focuser like brand new. In superb condition. Couple of very mild scratches on the exterior white paint. No dents.

List of inclusions with as-new prices:
* Guang Shen 200/1000mm reflector OTA: $550 from Andrews
* Orion collimating eyepiece with instructions: $75 from Bintel
* 8 x 50mm finder scope: $69 from Bintel
* GSO / Bintel 2" Coma Corrector: $149 from Bintel
* 8" dovetail plate: $49 from Bintel
* Canon T-ring (for DSLRs): $39 from Bintel
* Red dot finder (old but functional): new ones cost $80, call this $40

Also includes original rings & 2"-1.25" adapter.

All up about $900 worth; yours for $500. Bargain!

I'd consider trade (with cash adjustment) for a small- to medium-size computerised mount like an EQ5.

Pickup only from NSW Central Coast (near Ettalong).
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