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Originally Posted by Tulloch View Post
Hi Jay, I think you should be directing your wallet to a new camera, the Sony is not going to do it for you.

The Canon DSLR system is very good for planetary imaging as it is possible to read the pixels in basically 1:1 resolution as Martin (above) says, however I don't know is the Sony gives you that option. Recording a video inside the camera will most probably be highly compressed and will produce artifacts in the video frames that will be impossible to remove. A website showing the difference between Canon and Nikon systems is below.

IMHO the best bang-for-buck planetary colour camera out there is the ZWO ASI224MC, which retails for around $500. It's a high speed, high sensitivity, low noise camera which even the big boys use on their C14 SCTs.

Note that the ASI224MC has a very small sensor so it won't be much good for large DSO imaging, but you might have success with small galaxies if that interests you.

Hope this helps,


looks like thats the case. Im going to sell one of my sony lenses along with my polemaster and 5x televue. Im going to purchase a 2.5X televue and a ZWO planetary camera. thanks for the info
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