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Did I send you the info below regarding planetary imaging with a newt and a DSLR -

Focal Ratio for Lunar and Planetary Imaging

General rule of thumb to determine the best focal ratio of your image train for Lunar and Planetary imaging is -
Average night of seeing 5 x pixel size of your camera
Good night of seeing 7 x pixel size of your camera
Canon 600D pixel size is 4.3 uM
Average seeing 4.3 x 5 = 21.5
So focal ratio F21.5
Good seeing 4.3 x 7 = 30.1
So focal ratio F30.1
6f6 Bintel scope use 4 x or 5 x powermate
8f5 Bintel scope 4 x or 5 x powermate

In addition to the above you need to achieve as close as possible 1:1 pixel resolution using your DSLR
My Canon 600D almost achieves 1:1 Pixel resolution by using the 5 x Zoom setting. Not sure of the specs for a Sony A7 ?

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