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PHD Guiding issues

I've decided to photograph Carina, and after fighting with PHD I've decided to ditch it for the moment.

I've always had issues with alignment that I am finally working though. I've got it good enough now that I'm trying guiding, using PHD.

I can get it running, I can get equipment attached select a star and so on, but as I set it off it's fine for a seemingly random amount of time (went 30 mins once, usually around a few seconds), the RA goes for a wander and goes off the graph sending the total RMS error way over 1. The Dec can either stick about of else it sometimes goes off with the RA though it's generally where you'd like it to be. I turn PHD off and the mount does it's thing.

I tried a new usb cable as that's a common cause of errors but no good. I'm getting there, at least I am making progress.


ASI mono camera - laptop - usb to handset- NEQ6.

I'm guessing there's a comm problem as PHD is sending pulses and nothings happening. Anyone got any ideas?
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