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Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD Medium Format setup

I'm selling my RB67 setup as I haven't used it for a month or so. I won't say I've quit film, but I don't think I'll be shooting it again for a while at least - and when I do I may jump straight into 4x5 instead. Hence my Mamiya stuff is now for sale Nearly all of this equipment was bought from KEH (known for their accurate condition classification system) and whilst some of it (mainly the body) has it's fair share of wear 'n' tear over the many years it's been used, it all still works perfectly. Anyone who's used one of these cameras know how indestructible they are.


- Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD Camera with standard waist-level viewfinder & original components (rotating back parts etc)
- 50mm "C" lens (has faint spots on the front element, but does not effect image quality. Have made prints up to 30x24" shot with this lens and they've caused no effect)
- 127mm "KL" lens
- 3 x genuine Pro-SD 6x7 120 film backs
- Metered prism viewfinder (can take the waist-level off to use this, useful for work in lower light)
- Shoulder/neck strap
- Cable release

Reserve Price: $1100 firm
Purchased: 2nd hand Mid 2011, except for one of the film backs purchased 2nd hand about 6 months ago
Warranty info: None left
Condition: Good condition. Cosmetic wear on some items, mainly the body, but nothing that effects function or image quality in any way.
Location: Jindalee
Collection: Pick up
Closing: when sold

Anyone who wants to have a look at the gear before you commit is welcome to, just let me know This is pretty much everything you need to start shooting on some nice sized negatives!