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Originally Posted by peter_4059 View Post
The other consideration is the scope and whether you can achieve focus - typically you need to modify a Newt to achieve focus with a DSLR.

Probably have to modify the Newt to achieve focus with the DSI too.
I had to.
The typical DSI Pro II has a filter tray and nosepiece that doesn't
exactly help achieve focus easy.
Even when slimmed down and a filter wheel used as an alternative,
it still is hard getting focuser travel on an off the shelf Newt.
This is what I did:

If you are serious about imaging you would be aware of this problem
and the obvious solution.....people either fit a low profile focuser and/or
cut 50mm off the bottom end of the tube!. I did the 50mm cut.
I know it sounds extreme but it does the job and then you have
the freedom to focus with lots of DSLR/barlow/Eyepiece projection
or DSI Prime focus options.
You only need to add a 50mm extension tube to the focuser if you suddenly
think you 'need those 50mm back again'


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