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I think there are also a few other things to consider..

The Spectral response of a DSI will be better than that of the DSLR (unless you modify the DSLR) The DSI will capture Ha light a lot better than an out of the box DSLR.

Your field of view with a DSI is a lot more restricted than with a DSLR, that being said, if you had both, what you essentially have is a great wide field camera able to capture the larger extended objects like M42, M8 and M31 etc, and the DSI to capture the tiny little faint galaxies that can be very difficult to get a good image of with a bigger sensor...

My opinion, If you dont want the DSLR for normal photography as well as astrophotography, then go for the CCD... If you would like to dabble in terrestrial photography also, then go for the DSLR...

You really need to buy what is going to suit your needs best.
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