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PlateSolve 2 in Astro Photography Tool settings?

Hi, Just a bit of a technical question i guess you could say.
I am referring to the program called Astro Photography Tool ( APT )
And inside that program i am referring to PointCraft.
Then inside that i am referring to PlateSolve 2

So in PointCraft settings, you have the option to use Platesolve 2

I have set up the settings in All Sky Plate Solver for my scope and downloaded the recommended maps using the wizard and my camera specs.

All is good and works a treat.

Now if i want to add a second telescope to me programs how do i actually go about that?

Do i just set up the wizard in All Sky Plate Solver for the second scope and let it automatically down load the maps it needs, just like i did for my original scope?

Then next time i use APT i just select the Focal length of the telescope that i want to use?

Am probably making this all sound very complicated and confusing everyone in what i am asking?

My scope is a Skywatcher Evostar 150ED, focal length of 1200mm
The second scope i am looking at is the Skywatcher Esprit 80ED,
focal length 400mm

So just basically looking at how i can have both scopes setup in APT and just select which one i am using.
As how i see it and could be wrong, but PointCraft uses Plate solve 2 to solve the images you want to image and to do that Plate Solve 2 uses All Sky Plate Solver.
Which then means that All Sky Plate solver need the maps for the Focal length of your scope plus the dimensions of your camera.

Dose this all make sense or am i just confusing everyone in what i am trying to ask help for?
Sorry if i have.
Any information would be appreciated.

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