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Price check - NEQ6, ED80, 8" f/5 OTA

Howdy all - hoping you can help me price my gear for sale. The below is what I was thinking but I may be way off so any feedback welcome.

- NEQ6 mount & tripod in perfect working condition, extension bar, two 5kg weights, handset, power supply. Some light surface rust on tripod & weights but 100% functionality. Fully stripped & re-greased about 3yrs ago. $1300.

- Orion ED80 OTA. With rings & plate. Excellent condition. Glass is perfect, no mold or marks. $500.

- GSO 8" f/5 reflector OTA. About 4yrs old but barely used, so bit dusty but otherwise immaculate. 2" Crayford with all converting bits for 1.25". Includes collimator eyepiece, GSO coma corrector, red dot finder & original finderscope. $450.

Please let me know if I'm in the ballpark. I'll create separate listings with photos once I hear from you.


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