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For Sale: 3 x EQ mounts

I have finally decided on a permanent solution to my EQ needs, and have agreed to purchase a mate's Takahashi NJP EQ mount. As such, my other 3 mounts are redundant, and will need to be sold to help fund a not insignificant purchase.
  1. Vixen GPD2 GOTO mount- a prime imaging mount for smaller (less than 10kg) scopes. Tracks FLAWLESSLY, noiselessly. Is fitted with the Skywatcher GOTO kit, and this has proven incredibly accurate and reliable (NO HANDSET handset - must be computer controlled - cable supplied). Tripod, counterweights, polar scope, polar scope LED kit etc all included. This mount is around 9 months old from new


  2. Vixen Sphinx GOTO mount (with Starbook AND NexW). Has the replacement NexW motor board installed. This removes the odd Dec jums that the Starbook induced (not pertinent for visual, only imaging). Runs like an absolute DREAM, and is SUPREMELLY accurate. Uses the Celestron NexStar software (NO HAND CONTROLLER). Tripod, pier extension, counterweights, original Starbook hand controller with motor board included.


  3. Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro (full GOTO). WITHDRAWN

I have always previously included postage in my sales, but I have been burnt too often at the post office in price jumps etc (A lightbox cost me $44 postage to send the other day!!!), so, sorry, POSTAGE IS AT ADDITIONAL ACTUAL COST.

Pictures on request, but all have been maintained or serviced and are in prime condition. I will be particularly sad to see my GPD2 go as it simply was a flawless mount, sadly not capable of driving the FSQ106 I have.

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