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Just one more try with this desktop please

Hi Guys, I know you are probably sick of me and my desktop problems, however most have been solved but I still have one and it is driving me crazy.

Some have suggested to move on and get a totally new experience with a new OS, probably on the cards one day.

In the mean time i have a new version of win 8.1 all works nicely except i cannot download anything, as it takes nearly one and a half hours to download 35 mb's.

Just a few questions please.

1. The installation decide to de/activate itself and it wont do it on line, and it doesn't open the right window to do it over the phone, i have tried, could this be a reason ?

2. It tells me i need to update, but it wont and it all fails.

3. It tells me to up date windows defender which comes with Win 8.1 installation, but it wont because it takes that long that it actually times out after an hour or so.

4. it tells me to update my browser, I use Seamonkey and it usually works great but it wont as it starts and tells me only 2 hours to go to load up 35 mb's which used to take 2 minutes, i went to Mozilla and that makes no difference.

Is there a setting that i should change or just chuck it in the tip.

Thanks in advance if you want to answer that is .

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