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Originally Posted by RickS View Post
If you compare a 1 sec exposure at 100 ISO and a 1 sec exposure at 800 ISO then the second will have more noise. But what about comparing an 8 sec exposure at 100 ISO with a 1 sec exposure at 800 ISO. Both exposures capture the same quantity of photons and Luigi is asserting that you will get less noise in the second case. This seems plausible to me since thermal noise builds up over time.
Sorry, the comment about capturing the same number of photons in 8 secs @ 100 ISO and 1 sec @ 800 ISO is bogus. You will, of course, capture more photons in 8 seconds. I meant that the exposures are equivalent, at least in the traditional photographic sense.

I think I need to go do some research on how image sensors work and think about this some more...
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